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09.02.2007, 14:37
пожалуйста могут любой из вас дать мне скоро walkthrough главным образом quest? я не понимаю русский язык и я как раз хотим сыграть ваше добавляем дальше игры. я использовал babelfish для того чтобы перевести это формулирую... так.

09.02.2007, 16:24
Its English topics for addon. And speaking english this!:rolleyess:

Solutions coming soon and translaiting too.

09.02.2007, 18:33
please ask your questions here in ENGLISH!)))

09.02.2007, 18:44
well... i aint from Russia, but i've tried to obtein a walkthrough of the addon from the russian forum, using babelfish:blush2:. ya know.. i don't understand this language :sos:and i can't play Secret of Far Seas' quest.
and i thought that using a walkthrough... i could guess what's all about those quests:sorry:.

the weekend is comin' an' i realy wanna play it. but maybe who knows... Thomas will manage to finish that translation an' make me happy.:huh:

09.02.2007, 18:57
we works in translate addon too!

09.02.2007, 19:20
thanks for ya wonderful work mates! ya've done a superb job doin' SoFS.232111

09.02.2007, 19:24
thank you! it is only beginning...... ))))

J Brennan
13.02.2007, 15:21
Hello, can you help with the main quest? The man in the jail tells you to speak to the tavernowner on jamaica about a map but when I speak to the tavern owner in santiago vega in Jamaica I only get the normal four options and it doesn't look like there's one to speak to him about a map. Can you help? thanks

13.02.2007, 15:36
hm..... the main quest is not finished on this moment it is all...... in next version we will do contining to main quest.....
p.s. are you a programmist?

J Brennan
13.02.2007, 17:37
Thanks for that, didn't realise that the main quest wasn't finished yet.

Afraid I'm not a programmer, sorry.

PS Thank you for this excellent add on

Thomas the Terror
18.02.2007, 12:54
Oke I have deleted my own flood. Sorry guys, but I felt offended.

Now lets go on with the normal subject!

18.02.2007, 13:06
Messages containing flood have been removed.

This topic for questions for SFS. Flood, off topic and other discussions will be removing.
P.S. For the people speaking in English, there will be translation addon SFS.

20.02.2007, 13:46
there's 1 problem w/ the shipyard... when ya wanna upgrade ya sails and cannons, there are no more specification of them. the are only the pictures of them. i.e. ya could only guess which are the culvernins w/ 700 range and 110 reloadin' time.

17.03.2007, 13:09
Ok I hire an officer in the tavern is very good....but when I try to hire another officer that one replace the first one and in the same time I have the same officer in the passenger list.Can you do something or what can I do to correct that?

19.03.2007, 14:22
Another problem...I take a mission to delivery some money from one church to another in this case from Nevis to St Kitts...the number in my log book are correct something arround 5000 credits but I receive 50000 credits when I check my money...also when I arrive in St Kitts the church are close and I can't deliver the money ...I try again from St Martin to Santo's happened the same...5000 credits to deliver and 50000 in my money and also when I arrived there the church are close...ok now I have 150000 and I think I missed that missions...what can I do?...the money are good but I don't like to gain in that way...I can take mission from several church and gain a lot of money in that way...

An other problem...where is William Tortuga I didn't find that house near the's neccesary to have some level to meet these guy or what happend?...

When I was on sea and meet a storm the game crash and kick me out...

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