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01.02.2007, 23:30
Next specialists are required for work above addon "Secrets of Far Seas".

3d modelers able to convert in GM;
quest writers;
2d artists;

On questions, to related to the entry in addon, knock Corsair in ICQ 286-617-287 or write on soap of

14.03.2007, 03:43
What are your max poly requirements, for ships? I'm working on a few for a different game, but I'm hovering at about 40,000 polygons with a Brig.

14.03.2007, 11:38
Not!! 40000 is very much!!!

Maximum poligons for the ships of a 1 class 32000 grounds.
Well same maksimum 35000 (a game will brake already!) if a ship is unique and one in a game!.

For a brig maksimum 12000.

P.S. And are you able to convert models? And modeling because in К3 of model? Some draw shrouds and sailors on a deck. IT DOING IS UNNECESSARY! That doing is necessary open GM viever any model in К3 and look that is there.

14.03.2007, 13:46
Yes, to an extent a good portion of my count is due to highly detailed rigging, deadeyes and sails, all of which would be deleted for Corsairs III. With work, I should be able to get the number down to something much more manageable. I'll do my best. I must warn you that I am exceedingly slow, however. :)

Thomas the Terror
14.03.2007, 18:56
Grumblepunk, I read on piratesahoy in an older thread that you was modelling the Interceptor, are you going to finish that?

14.03.2007, 20:17
Heya Thomas :) I made a brig rigged sloop, for PotC, but never figured out how to get her in the water. Skeleton Bob was the gent working on HMS Interceptor.The last that I have heard from Skelly was over on the Oblivion forums, about 6 months ago. I've got a PM in to him regarding that ship, because I want to get my nautical claws on her, too. :p

If anyone wants the Maya files to get the old brig in game, I still have a copy, somewhere.

Thomas the Terror
15.03.2007, 11:53
Looks good. But you have to take the masts apart and the game puts them in place with locators. So are the sails (or did you already knew) Did you convert the maya files in .gm? So not, you have to save the model as .vrml and with that you can convert it as ship with the TOOL from inez diaz. With that tool you can also add the locator`s for the ship, and save everything as gm. Coding in is much more simple.

22.07.2008, 05:23
I'd be interested in seeing any files anyone has as additions for AoP.


04.12.2009, 02:19
Hey there!

- Are you a romantic? Have you ever wanted to fulfil yourself?
- You like working in a team of creative people, and the spirit of SeaDogs / Age of Pirates series is just like a breath of fresh air? - So the world of Secrets of Far Seas 2 is just for you!

- You are given a unic opportunity to put your talent and zeal into the project you'll surely be proud of.

To develop a sequel to the most popular fan made Age of Pirates game we need:
1) texture artists (2D graphics)
2) quest writers (imagination and creativity are welcome)

To make a fully completed SoFS2 ENGLISH VERSION we need:
1) translators from Russian into English
2) editors of English texts

SoFS2 is to be developing on the platform of COAS, so just mind it.
Much is already done and the first builds of the both versions are to come very soon but we do still really need your help!

SoFS2 is waiting for YOU!

With any questions contact me via PM or ICQ or e-mail.

Dmitry Pshenichny aka SeadogX, BGTeam.

05.12.2009, 19:53
Now that recruitment post looks a wee bit familiar... :3

05.12.2009, 20:00
Hey hey, welcome to our world! :thank_you:

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