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-- version 0.5.0712 "Secrets of Far Seas"
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По умолчанию version 0.5.0712 "Secrets of Far Seas"

I glad to present you a new 0.5.0712 version of "Secrets of Far Seas"!
WARNING! ACHTUNG! ATTENTION! This is a new RUSSIAN version of addon, not a english release. It will be released later, this is a new russian version for people, who want to play it on russian or as they can.

Changings from v 0.3:

Changings and fix list
v 0.5.0712

1) shipyarder on St. Evstafy hasn't got a dialog - fixed.
2) now when you kill bandits in the jungles you will loose reputation of pirates.
3) trouble with Montseratt house in jungles - fixed.
4) trouble with letters in 2nd story line quest - fixed.
5) fixed troubles in story line quest.
6) texture trouble in Tortuga Losts Tavern tavern - fixed.
7) Montseratt harbor trouble - fixed.
8)barman in Tortuga Losts Tavern hasn't got dialog - fixed.
9) now you can take room in Tortuga Losts Tavern.
10) Isla Mona pirate boss, barman, shipyarder and trader now have names.
11) Jamaica exit to jungle trouble - fixed.
12) now you can moor in Puerto-Rico harbor.
13) adding of new secondaty quest - The Fortune
14) trouble with fort capturing fixed.
15) a beginning of 2nd story line quest edited.
16) troubles in secondary quests fixed.
17) another fixes - just forgot 'em
18) new boat

v 0.5.0702:
1) 1st and 2ndl story line quests edited.
2) 3d story line quest added - "To find translator";
3) 4th story line quest added - "Corsair (To find pirate)";
4) 5th story line quest added - "To save governor's daughter";
5) 6th story line quest added - "The Map";
6) 7th story line quest added - "First meeting";
7) 8th story line quest added - "To follow ghost";
8)9th story line quest added - "To Jamaica";
9) generator of quests for usurer
10) new secondary quest "The sword";
11) new secondary quest "Skins cargo";
12) new secondary quest "The shipyard";
13) new secondary quest "Rescue valuables";
14) new secondary quest "Evidence";
15) new secondary quest "The snare";
16) new secondary quest "Anna Scorzeny";
17) new secondary quest "Katana";
18) new secondary quest "It's time to return arrears";
19) new secondary quest "Sileno Klars - The Treasurer";
20) forts have NPC
21) prizons have NPC
22) Tortuga's jungle settlement have NPC
23) St. Kitts's jungle settlement have NPC
24) Grenada settlement have NPC
25) you can't capture colonyes for yourself now more (you still can rub it)
26) boarding of the ship is harder now
27) all weapons consist from three classes now: light, medium and heavy. Animation is changing with a class too.
28) weapons behaviour edited
29) ships behaviour edited
30) new loading screens
31) game music edited
32) new main menu screen
33) The Black Pearl refreshed
34) now you can find only triffle in the chests
35) different items can rise up your skills
36) now you can find real names of SoFS add'on makers in menu "Credits"
37) a lot of troubles fixed
38) a lot of dialogs fixed
39) old names of towns
40) other little fixes


· Denis (Kopcap) Khaliullin – project and team leader, programmer;
· Anton (Antonio) Deripaska – programmer;
· Anton (Navarra) Omelchenko – programmer;
· Vladimir (LORD) Khrulev –programmer;
· Evgeny (Interceptor) Radchenko – main scenary writer;
· Svyatoslav (Sviat-Pirat) Sobolev – scenary writer;
· Vadim (Hunt) Kisel – textures.

Special thanks to: Flint, Sclif, Swordist, Scarface, Thomas The Terror, KillerMAN, Jack 38, Sonic.
Project support: Buildog, Teren, Starche, xSiluSx and all other BestGamer.Ru forum users.
And last special thanks to Akella for game Corsairs 3 (AoP), which became a base for our add'on.

Add'on used different resources from AoP, PotC, Corsairs 1, SLIB, Build, Corsairs: SLIB. - download Full-version - 360 mb (Rapid) - download Full-version part 1 - 95 mb (Not a rapid) - download Full-version part 2 - 95 mb - download Full-version part 3 - 95 mb - download Full-version part 4 - 75 mb - download update from 0.2 to 0.5 (Rapid) - download update from 0.2 to 0.5 (Ifolder) - download update from 0.3 (0.4) to 0.5 (Rapid) - download update from 0.3 (0.4) to 0.5 (IFolder)

Patch to v 0.5.0712

Following version packed by 7-zip archiver, so, to unpack it, you need each unpacker of 7z format (WinRar, 7-zip and other).

To install full version just unpack archive (with changing of files) to AoP folder of any version.
Update from 0.2 to 0.5 should be installed on version 0.2. 0320.
Update from 0.3 (0.4) to 0.5 should be installed on version 0.3.0411 or on version 0.4 from magazine "Navigator of Game World".

After installing of addon you NECESSARILY need to start new game!

If you have a opportunity to download a full version, we recommend you to download it, will be better, than to download updates.

We wish you a nice game!
Чрезмерное злоупотребление компьютерными играми сносит башню.
Доказано минздравом.

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По умолчанию version 0 5 0712 "Secrets of Far Seas"

joy.cfg is created by Service Gauge then you click S.
Its not an exit to send you my own .cfg, because I have different joysticspedalsand other devices.

If the folder is in place, There is your FS installed? May be you do not have permission to save files there?

<a href=>.</a>
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По умолчанию version 0 5 0712 "Secrets of Far Seas"

Hello Administrator:

I am looking for the Cummins Insite Pro to reprogram Cummins ECMs specially N14 and M11, So I want to ask if you sell the software and the calibration password to do that .

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