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По умолчанию SFS v 0.2.0320

Version SFS 0.2.0320 is complete!!

- The initial is first quest (an action is carried on Antigua.);
- The dialog of old man is edited in clink, and similarly dialog of priest;
- Now tavernman on Jamaica gives a card( if you did not get her for an old man);
- Added 2 quest in a with a storyline (undertakes for a governor on La-vega);
- To the game Black Pearl is added (we talk with a girl on La-vega);
- A new chip is added at a frigate and BP (you will look closely more attentive to the cabin) – such yet before was not and it
will be only in SM and for us;
- Acceleration of time (on Rи on + and - on numpade);
- New model for Piter;
- New locations for jungles, bays and exits from a city;
- New locations of church;
- New locations for residences;
- New fort;
- Now at boarding 2 ships;
- The search of trunks is added;
- Prisons are carried in fort;
- Dynamic difficulty;
- Bag is corrected with officers;
- Bagi is corrected in main quest;
- It is corrected much shallow bags;
- Changing of flag;
- Upgrade of ships;
- 7 new NPS is sparse on an islands;

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