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-- Secrets of Far Seas v.0.1.0201
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По умолчанию Secrets of Far Seas v.0.1.0201

List of changes and fixes.

1. Addon is carried on adapted under К3 the European patch of version of 1.5;
2. Jungles are added on islands (patch 1.5);
3. Fixes many bugs (patch 1.5);
4. Partial change of some interfaces of game (patch 1.5);
5. Final update of sound rendering-engine (patch 1.5);
6. A problem is decided with Radeons (patch 1.5);
7. Is new main menu;
8. Game begins in 1675;
9. A new and unique protagonist is Piter Bleyk + biography of Piter;
10. New beginning of game;
11. The first is added quest of basic subject;
12. 21 is added new NPS (sparse on islands) with the special dialogs;
13. A 1 side is added quest(undertakes at NPS on Isla Mone);
14. Jungles and bays are added on all islands;
15. On some islands mines, caves, settlements of contrabandists, are added in jungles;
16. In jungles it is now possible to meet bandits and simple people;
17. On Ispan'ole it is now possible to run back through jungles from one city in other;
18. Now through jungles it is possible to run back in fort and, as yet, current to take a walk on him;
19. The fields of duels are now used as an exit from a city (we hurry straight in a passage-way in a rock);
20. On Ispan'ole a lighthouse is added (used as a bay);
21. On Tortuge a piratic settlement is added in jungles;
22. A piratic settlement is partly populated on Tortuge;
23. Bordels is opened on all islands;
24. Churches are opened on all islands;
25. Generator of quests for a church;
26. Part of houses is opened in towns;
27. On the uninhabited islands besides jungles the settlements of pirates and contrabandists are added;
28. 14 types of new weapon are added;
29. New algorithm of distribution of weapon of NPC;
30. The 4 new are added ship;
31. Adjustment of parameters of ships;
32. Possibility of supply of food is added on the uninhabited islands;
33. Possibility of repair of ship is added on the uninhabited islands;
34. Music is added from the game of PoTC and К1;
35. Officers now can be met in a tavern sitting after a dinner-wagon;
36. Wiring for sound of some events is added (“boats on water” and etc)
37. New skill is a «trainer»;
38. Prisons are added on all islands;
39. A new parameter of Piter is reputation at a church;
40. Bugs is corrected with music in jungles;
41. Some shallow fiksy and corrections.

In addone different resources are used from К3, PoTC, К1, VML, Build.


· Корсар is a leader project, programmer;
· Scatimon is a programmer;
· Skif is a programmer;
· Interceptor is a main scenario writer;
· Sviat-Pirat is a scenario writer;
· Tomas_Terror – model/texture.
Special gratitude: Flint, Swordist, КиллерМЕН, Jack 38.
Help a project: Antonio, Richi, Shurik, Lugger, and all forumits=)!
Ah and forgot to say thank you Akella! =)

A list of changes and corrections of bugs is in the version of 0.1.0207:
1. Bug is corrected with the dialog of usurer;
2. The dialog of priest is corrected;
3. Bug is corrected with the dialog of people in jungles;
4. Bugs is corrected with teleports on Guadeloupe in houses;
5. Bug is corrected with impossibility of returning back in a city on Jamaica;
6. Beginnings of game are corrected;
7. A problem is removed with imposition of music;
8. Corrected quest «Search of disappearing load a cacao»;
9. Added kvest «Search of disappearing fiancee» (Undertakes on Martinique);
10. Reloads of pistols is added;
11. Skill is corrected "trainer";
12. A glitch is corrected with 372 man on Lugger at the beginning of game;
13. The cost of upgrades is revised on a shipyard. Now in this cost a price is included this, that on shipboard is already. And also skills of carpenter will help also;
14. Renting of officers for forts;
15. Correction of errors which could cause
falling of game;
16. Bug is corrected with death of Piter on Tortuge;
17. NPS is added on Guadeloupe;
18. Shallow insignificant fixes..

P.S. Addon in Russian language!!
P.S.S. If there will be persons interested to translate into English create a theme and bequeathed.. We will be think=).

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