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-- FAQ for the addon SFS
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Сообщение FAQ for the addon SFS

FAQ for the addon SFS.
This is the most assign questions:
Q. What is an addon SFS?
A. Secrets of the Far Seas is an addon to the Game
Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales. Addon leaves in the form of builds with frequency about time in one and a half-two month. The goal of the addon to make the purpose of game
Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales, to do it an interesting and fascinating product with complicate a plot and other chesspieces.
Q. When will leave the final version of SFS?
A. SFS is a build. Version 0.1.0207 has already left. The final version will be as soon as we realize all plans or
will tell suffice.
Q. And whether there will be translations into other languages?
A. While only Russian. But we will try to conduct still the English-speaking version.
Q. Will be the addon SFS on CD or DVD disks?
A. No... And will rock about the Internet of cafe more cheaply than to buy a disk. Though if the game magazine will ask we to them we shall give last version.
Q. Whether there will be updatings to SFS?
A. Certainly will be.. Works above the following version have already begun.
Q. On what version of game Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales to put addon?
A. We recommend on 0.99. Basically it is possible on any, but categorically not recommend to put a top fashion V.9.
Q. Whether there will be in game a Black Pearl/Jack the Sparrow/Will Terner,skeleton and other.
A. I don't know about skeleton. The black Pearl likely will be and will be small quest to it. It is no More heroes of film.
Q. Here there are two versions lite and full what difference?
A. Full the version includes all resources and is made for people with the good Internet or not having game PCS. Lite the version has resources except for juingle on islands at a kind from the sea. But for work addon in lite versions presence install games PCS is obligatory.
Q. Has established Addon, and where my girl Beatrice?
A. We have refused two heroes. Easier to make an interesting plot for both heroes is large time expenses. Therefore in addon one charismatic character Peter Bleake.
Q. And it will be possible to build on desert islands of a colony?
A. Yes moreover we have already started realization of this function, is possible to the following version will be!
Q. The system of fencing remains same as well as in К3??
A. Basically yes, but we shall process it a little. We shall clean impact from axes, we shall alter the block, have added pistol recharge.
Q. Whether has concerned addons muiltiplayer and will be, whether will change in new versions?
A. There are no we it do not touch..
Q. Whether it will Would be desirable to learn about quests or national rulers, piracy rulers, rulers conected with dealers and others.
A. Yes will be. In version 0.1.0207 already there are three big quests. Will be both rulers and collateral quests, and a plot long interesting, with a lot of secrets and riddles, and as with script turns. (we even have reflected a Plenty of secrets and riddles in name Addon).
Q. Whether will be in Addon in taverns of dicing and in 21?
A. Yes certainly! Probably something already in the following version.
Q. Why you have decided to undertake creation of this project?
A. We have decided to undertake creations of the given project as as well as to many gamers, we did not have no interesting plot and many other things in game
Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales and as we do game in which we wish to play. But we hope that, our project is pleasant to many other things to gamers and fans of Piracy Games.
Q. I have put a patch up to version 0.1.0207, I load saves and game gave me error!
A. The life is those.. After a patch it is necessary to begin new game.
Q. I download the lite version, have made all correctly, but after boarding black screen..
A. All means not has made correctly.. The Order of actions. Install, file CopyForAddon.bat pull in a directory with the game Pirates of the Caribian Sea. Further to appear folder CopyForAddon, here it open also all contents copy in a folder with game Corsairs 3 SFS 0.1.201 Lite.
Q. And! The game is in the small screen.. I so can't play.
A. Very simply. Go to a directory of game, open config there put a tick above item " FullScreenMode"
Q. I accidental have removed game Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales.. It's not work.What I must do?
A. Don't do this again!So it is possible to repair it.Open windows-regedit there we search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \1C \K3 and section К3 is deleted.
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